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Sefco Consulting Group

``SEFCO Consulting Group``  was founded in 2011 in Turkey as a training group and started  his activity by organizing  academic trainings in international universities. Simultaneously, SEFCO Consulting Group has offered  special consultation services on various issues occur in the working environment.These trainings conducted by professions,who have academic degree and enough practical experience to train participants, have involved interest of  different companies,NGOs,international organizations and even governmental organizations.

SEFCO Consulting Group has also been organizer of public,economic,social projects by managing academic,practice-oriented trainings in Italy,Ukraine,Slovenia,Georgia and so on.

Since Azerbaijan has been independent,as a country noticed higher,more dinamic,and faster developing stage,this in  its own, reveals  essence and importance of establishing newly designed companies,organizing innovativ projects, capital investment to various spheres by foreign investors and local capitalists,as well as, implementing of new communication and technology tools.

In this context,taking into consideration importance of applying international theory and practice-oriented experiences to local companies and projects ,``SEFCO Consulting Group``opened new branch in 2014,in Azerbaijan. As a company,our mission is to apply training and consulting standarts in local companies,accepted and known around the globe,as well as , implementing educational trainings and projects linked with this issue.