Education turns into on of the significant spheres of human activity in XXI century. Achievements in this field lay in the basis of important social and technological changes. The great attention paid to the education and its development in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as in other countries depends on strategic importance of this sphere, the role of education in the society and interests of the major part of countries population.  The education reforms carrying out in our country since gaining independence have global nature and cover all its aspects. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved "The Reform Program in Education" which aims to identify strategic dimensions of reforms in education sphere. 

Azerbaijan has to strengthen international relations and mutual cooperation to make progress in education sphere and to bring the education system of Azerbaijan in a line with international standards. As a result of activity of Azerbaijan in the international scene, our Republic joined conventions for European (Paris, 1979) Region and South-Eastern Asia (Bangkok, 1983), and also Lisbon Convention from 1997, which was prepared jointly with the Council of Europe and UNESCO. The Republic of Azerbaijan is a member of series of international instruments on educational issues, such as Convention on mutual recognition of diplomatic and scientific degrees. 

Higher education provides the training of high qualified specialist in view of requirements of society and labor market. Training of specialists in higher education institutions of Republic of Azerbaijan is of three cycled:
First cycle – bachelor degree; 
Second cycle – master degree; 
Third cycle - doctorate degree.

Bachelor degree

In Bachelor's degree of education level training of specialists in different fields of higher education shall be carried out on the wide profile. Graduates of bachelor degree of higher education are conferred with "bachelor", the highest degree of professional qualification. Area of activity of graduates from bachelor degree covers all areas with the exception of scientific research and pedagogic activity in higher education institutions.

Master degree

At Magistrate education level the higher educated specialists entitled to right of engagement of scientific research and pedagogic activity in higher education institutions are prepared on specializations. Education on Master's degree ends with defense of master's thesis and graduates successfully defended the dissertation is conferred the "master" degree of the high scientific specialization. Each person successfully graduated from a degree of Master is provided with state document on higher education – the diploma of master.

Doctorate degree

Doctorate provides scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel’s preparation, upgrading of qualification and scientific degrees. Education at Doctorate is the highest level of education, and is implemented through doctorate in higher education institutions (as well in military educational institutions). Doctoral degrees in the Azerbaijan Republic is of two-staged and following scientific degrees are determined:  1. Doctor of Philosophy, indicating the fields of science;  2. Doctor of Science, indicating the fields of science. Magistrates and specialists equal to it may be admitted to 1st stage of doctorate of higher education institutions and scientific organizations, and PhD-s for 2nd stage as defined by the relevant executive authority. Rules and terms of conferring of scientific degree of doctors of Philosophy and Science are determined by the relevant executive authority. Admission of foreigners to Doctorates of higher education institutions and scientific organizations is implemented based on international treaties concluded by the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as on paid basis in accordance with contract concluded between higher education institutions and the foreigner.  Persons finishing the education at the doctoral degree and persons getting the relevant persons scientific degree are provided with state approved document – diploma as defined by the rules. Conferring of degrees in the Republic of Azerbaijan is realized through dissertate. Staff of scientific–pedagogical sphere working at higher education institutions and scientific organizations is admitted to Dissertation education. Rules of admission in dissertation education level and conferring of scientific degrees are determined by relevant executive power body. 

Please, attach the following documentation to the application form and send to mail adress.
*Personel Statement
* Cover Letter
* 2 Reference Letter
* Pasport Copy
* Diploma of graduation

Our corpoorations

1) Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry Unıversity -


  • Faculty of Geologica Exploration
  • Faculty of Oil and Gas Production
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Power Engineering
  • Faculty of İnformation Technologies and Management
  • Faculty of Economics and Management

  • 2) Odlar Yurdu University -


  • Philology
  • Foreign languages
  • Translation faculty
  • Psychology
  • İnternational Relations
  • Design
  • World Economy
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Government and Municipal Management
  • Biology
  • Computeer engineering
  • Tourism and Hospitalıty